The Council held the first presentation of the program “E-citizen”, which is a part of the brand SALIS, at the Baku State University

An event dedicated to the first presentation of the program “e-citizen” which is a part of the SALIS program (System of the quick coordination and management of projects), a new brand of The Council on State Support to NGOs under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was held at the Baku State University.

Rector of the University Elchin Babayev expressed satisfaction with the first presentation of the new innovative service of the Council at the BSU.

Rector Elchin Babayev noted that over the past ten years, the Council has served NGOs, society, state and people, maintaining high-level principles of transparency and accountability. In addition, new e-services contain a clearer and more accurate application of these principles, and this is a new 7/24 format for citizens and NGOs.

At the end of his speech, Elchin Babayev encouraged students to use this service and actively participate in the public and political life of the country.

Chairman of the Council, deputy Azay Guliyev thanked the university administration for the created conditions. The Chairman of the Council spoke about the need to create a Council, the basic principles of state policy pursued by the President in this direction, decrees, strategic steps to ensure transparency, openness and accessibility at all times, and emphasized  that these principles were always higher during the Council’s work.

Azay Guliyev drew the attention of participants to the fact that foreign donor organizations did not finance projects related to the national interests of Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh and refugees. This trend was eliminated only after the formation of the first national donor institution.

The Chairman also told about innovative, modern and flexible service of SALIS, which provides NGOs, citizens, society with such permanent services as fund projects, reporting, appeals, applications and other electronic services (20 services in total).

Azay Guliyev noted that The Council on State Support to NGOs under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the first time invites all citizens of the country to evaluate NGO projects in the framework of the fourth grant competition in 2019. To this end, the new brand of Council SALIS, began to implement the e-citizen program. The purpose of this event is to invite students and teachers of the first and oldest university in the country BSU to participate as citizens in the NGO sector on a long-term basis.

During the session, the structure of the “e-citizen” program, the rules of using and the effectiveness of the service was explained by video and presentation of the Councils staff member Elnur Bagirli.

Student of Baku State University Sevda Aliyeva, elected as a volunteer from the participants, used the service of an electronic citizen. Thus, the participants of the event were clearly demonstrated how to become a user of the “e-citizen” program, following the simple procedures which are necessary for entry.

After answering questions of the students of BSU, another innovative service of the SALIS,  called INNOBANK, was introduced.

After that, a presentation was made by a staff member of the Council Togrul Mammadli, then questions were answered and discussed.

24.04.2019 | 16:39