Meeting held in Council with NGOs of the “health and ecology” group in Council

A meeting was organized with NGOs, mainly operating in the field of health and ecology in the Council on State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The meeting was held with the initiative of the head of the Public Union for Health Development and Enlightenment Anar Khalilov, elected as a member of the Council from the “health and ecology” group. Executive director of the Council Farasat Gurbanov spoke about the obligations of the NGOs that are winners of the 1st and 2nd grant competition of 2017 and stated that the main goal is to efficiently resolve the problems and to achieve measureable results during the implementation of the projects. Executive director emphasized the importance of close cooperation of NGOs with media for providing public with information about the results of the fulfilled projects. Farasat Gurbanov stated that the activity will continue in order to improve the quality of the services, informing about the work done regarding receiving projects, their financial and descriptive reports electronically and noted. Council member Anar Khalilov said that the purpose of organizing the meeting is to hold discussions on the problems of the NGOs that carry out projects with the support of the Council. Anar Khalilov stressed out that the Council supports projects of public importance in the field of health and ecology. Representatives of Public Union for the Protection of Ecological Balance, “Ruzgar” Ecological Public Union, Public Union for the World of Children and Student Youth, Women Society of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Trust” psychological support to children and youth Public Union, Gender Equality Public Union and other NGOs stated that employees of the Secretariat assisted them during project implementation and report. NGO representatives expressed their comments and proposals, as well. Questions of heads of NGOs were answered at the end of the meeting.

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