Azerbaijani NGOs issue statement regarding Armenian brutality in Fuzuli

Non-governmental organizations of Azerbaijan made a statement on killing of children and women in Alkhanli village of Fuzuli region as a result of firearming by Armenian army. According to the report by APA, it is stressed in the statement that approach of OSCE Minsk Group to the conflict from double standards leads to regular violation of ceasefire regime and continuation of military crimes against civil population. The statement says: “On July 4, 2017, Armenian armed forces violated the ceasefire regime on the line of contact of the Armenian-Azerbaijani, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and firearmed the villages inhabited by civil Azerbaijani population. As a result of the shelling, Alkhanli village of Fuzuli region was damaged, villagers - 2 years old Guliyeva Zahra Elnur gizi and 50 years old Guliyeva Sahiba Idris gizi were killed and Guliyeva Sarvinaz Iltifat gizi was seriously injured and hospitalized. Occupant Armenian military units keep Azerbaijani villages near the conflict zone under constant fire, continuously kill children, women and the elderly, ignoring international peacekeeping missions and continue their war crimes against humanity. In our view, the non-constructive position of the Armenian leadership in the peace negotiations on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and ineffectiveness of the international organizations' efforts to peace lead to such grave crimes. Failure to implement the four UN resolutions on unconditional withdrawal of Armenian military units from the occupied Azerbaijani territories, as well as an approach based on double standards to the problem by OSCE Minsk Group, which directs the peace negotiations on the settlement of the conflict, undermines the ceasefire regime and creates conditions for keeping on committing war crimes against civilian population. These grievous crimes against civilian Azerbaijani population make the Azerbaijani government and the Azerbaijani Army take adequate measures, and this can lead to a new war in the region and the nullification of the mutual cooperation initiatives that have been achieved through major challenges. We, the heads of non-governmental organizations of Azerbaijan, call upon international organizations that work on resolving the conflict peacefully and the entire international community not to ignore the bloody crimes of the occupant Armenian army killing children, women and elderly people around the Azerbaijani-Armenian, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone and to take decisive measures in this regard”.

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